Has everyone lost their minds? Is a sense of pride in your work, family and reputation dead? Is there anyone left in the world that does not use business funds to hire escorts or take their mistress on vacation?

What makes you wonder "What Is The Matter With People?"

Writing down (or typing) what is aggravating you can be helpful in dealing with it. If you don't trust my judgement, then check out this article from Psychology Today written by Brad Walters, L.C.S.W.

Whatever you call it rant, complain, bellow, whine, sound off, vociferate, tirade or preach from your soap box you can do it on WhatIsTheMatterWithPeople.com.

You can vent here. We won't judge. {Well we will a little, but that's what makes this fun!} And who knows? It may even make you feel better.

What Do You Need To Rant About?

Do you have a great story about something that really drives you crazy? Share it!

Whatever you call it rant, complain, bellow, whine, sound off, vociferate, tirade or preach from your soap box you can do it here.

It can be about a government agency's red tape, a celebrity stupidity sighting or just a "don't you hate it when this happens"... enter your rambling diatribe here.

Need to complain about your job, wife, brother, politicians, professional athletes or your boss? Do it here. We want to hear from you.

Just keep it free from obscenities, use the * if you must and do not use real names of people involved, unless it is a famous person, then it is ok.

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Two faced supervisors. 
So I started working in this place we will call "Hell" for the time being, about 10 months ago. When I started, it was all peaches and cream, best job …

It seems like ever since I graduated from high school, Greece has been on the verge of financial collapse. So what already! Who cares? Why are the …

The middle finger 
Where is the tolerance and understanding in people this days? Why are people so quick to judge and slow to forgive? Why do so many want to lash out …

Drivers who don't put their lights on in fog. 
When it is foggy out & you are driving, please PUT YOUR LIGHTS ON! No one can see you until the last second. Especially if you are in a grey car. …

My Spouse has no decorating sense! 
My spouse has no decorating sense! She decided to put up see through curtains through out the house. Now I have no privacy!

Unecessary use of punctuation Not rated yet
Is it really required to use multiple punctuation marks at the end of a sentence??? Why is my facebook full of " Happy New Year!!!!!! " and " OMG!!!! …

You've won [x] million dollars!!! Not rated yet
I know there's probably a few on here but I'm going to go ahead and say it anyway. Who in their right mind actually falls for these things? In fact, …

Elliot Spitzer now has his own show on CNN! Not rated yet
I can not believe that CNN gave former NY Governor Elliot Spitzer his own show. What will he talk about? How to cheat on your wife? Which escort …

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